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Our Terms and Conditions

Please read these Website advertising terms before registering to become an Advertiser. They set out your legal rights and obligations in relation to the Advertising Services provided by and our subsidiary web site You will be asked to agree to these Terms and Conditions at registration and before becoming an Advertiser on this site.

The website is a self build Advertising Portal where visitors can search for self catering properties, specifically in Cornwall, Devon, the UK and Ireland, run by and owned by the Advertiser or their representative. The website is wholly owned by Holiday Owners Inc. Ltd.

Registered No…9384517………………

Registered office address, 68 Hayle Terrace, Hayle, Cornwall TR27 4BT


They must be legally owned by the Advertiser or have authorisation from the owner to be marketed on the web site and all Advertisers must be over 18 years of age. The owner warrants that there is no legal impediment to the letting of the property as holiday accommodation. The owner will ensure that the property is maintained to a high standard and that the fixtures and fittings conform to the property description on the web site. The owner is responsible for any current Insurance and for minimum annual statutory safety standards requirements by English law at the property, including fire regulations. Holiday Owners Inc Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage to the property due to visitors booked via the web site including and by carelessness, negligence or dishonesty.


These are the fees payable by the Advertiser to Holiday Owners Inc Ltd to place their Advert for the property on the web site. Fees are for 1 calendar year from date of registration. VAT is charged at current UK rate ( if applicable). Fees are listed at time of registration. Payment is to a secure STRIPE account as advised at registration, which does accept credit card payment. There are no commissions charged to owners or visitors. Where you use Pay Pal or other payment facilities those payment providers may charge you fees for their services and Holiday Owners Inc Ltd are not responsible for any actions by those services. No advert is allowed unless full payment is received or any promotional code is activated.


The Advertiser is entirely responsible for the content that they put on the web site, and are responsible for accuracy in the written word as well as using their own property photographs & videos or royalty free photos and videos that may be relevant to their advert. Holiday Owners Inc Ltd reserve the right to take down any unsuitable content, and by listing your property the advertiser agrees to this.

Bookings & Payments:

The advertiser is responsible for putting their prices on the website, and for their accuracy, which in turn will activate the Availability Calendar. Bookings and payment will be by direct communication from the Advertiser and their Visitor.
Holiday Owners Inc Ltd advise that all payments from Visitors to owners is via a secure payment system such as Pay Pal , Stripe or other similar secure system. This is security for visitors as well as owners. Advertiser’s own payment system link such as Pay Pal ,and Stripe, can be set up with their advert response to Visitors. Holiday Owners Inc is not responsible for your transactions with your visitors.

Prohibited Content:

  1. The Advertiser May have a link to their own personal web site and set this up at registration in the appropriate designated location which will show on their advert. Links to other advertising agencies and portals will not be permitted, as we wish to encourage Owners and their Guests direct communication for bookings.
  2. Material must not breach any applicable laws or give rise to any action against any person in any jurisdiction under such laws.
  3. No infringement of any copyright, database rights or moral & design rights.
  4. No obscene , indecent, pornographic or lewd material to be posted.
  5. No breaches of the Advertising Practice Code.
  6. The advertiser may not put on any reviews that are not genuine, unabbreviated, comments from paying guests that have stayed at their holiday property.
  7. The advertiser may have a link to their own property Facebook page, providing there is also a link back to their own property advert on We reserve the right to take down any Facebook link that does not link back to their own advert on the web site.
  8. It is recommended that Owners use the facility to upload their own property Terms and Conditions on their advert, through the facility provided during registration.

Loss of Data & Limitation of Liability:

Whilst all secure measures are taken, data can be lost through hardware failure, malicious software ( eg: viruses, malware) and numerous other means. In no event shall Holiday Owners Inc Ltd be liable for loss of data, including without limitation, direct or indirect, special, incidental or consequential losses or expenses arising in connection with such loss. In no event shall Holiday Owners Inc Ltd be liable to any person for any special, general, incidental, indirect, consequential or punitive damages of any kind, including, without limitation, those resulting from negligent or criminal acts of third parties, loss of use of their data, lost profits or computer hardware damage, in connection with any of the provided services.

Termination of Contract:

Advertisers may withdraw their advert at any time during the contract period, but no refunds will be given.

We reserve the right to refuse any advert not conforming to our web site requirement.. If any advertiser is in breach of the Holiday Owners Inc Ltd terms and conditions, their advert may be removed from the web site and no refund will be given.


Due to the nature of transactions on the World Wide Web there are always some risks involved due to fraud and unscrupulous people. Holiday Owners Inc Ltd encourage Advertisers and Visitors/Travellers to have direct contact with each other and ensure themselves of the validity of their mutual contract and to use care and judgement at all times. Any contracts from any of the Adverts on this web site are between the advertiser and the visitors and no claims can be brought against Holiday Owners Inc Ltd and their web site.

Up dates/events beyond our control:

We will not be liable for the website being down for any reason such as improvement, breakdown of systems or network access due to any reasons beyond our control. You are advised to check in on these Terms and Conditions from time to time as they may be updated or changed and any contract in existence or from that date will be subject to those changes.


Any contact from Advertisers in connection with these Terms & Conditions should be made by email to:
( )

Holiday Owners Inc Ltd. Reg No : 9384517